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I am checking out a new tool and it looks fantastic!
Success and money are just a consequence if you use the right techniques and tools. All best affiliate gurus spend a big fortune creating, designing and improving their online marketing system to get an unfair advantage over everyone else.

You have to check it out … watch the vid and it will take you to it … free up to 1000 clicks per month any higher than that and you are definately going to be able to afford the pro version …..

and by the way its a great way to post your Clickbank affiliate links on face book……(please don’t forget to allow the popup link at the end of the video to take you to the site.. it has my affiliate link on it and we could use the cash if you decide to go pro…..)


Mailer Lite

MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

For those of you who have been in internet marketing for a while and are seeing that the profits are sometimes slim and next to nothing

– who continue to see the Aweber account draining 20 bucks a month while your subscriber list grows at a painfully slow rate…  I have been promoting YMLP as it is free up to a point , I think its 1000  contacts and the pro at 3.75 a month (very reasonable ) its not as easy to use as Aweber but once you get the hang of creating the forms its great!

Well I have found another great free autoresponder that is compatable with SumoMe

which is a rather fantastic way to promote your wp blog and collect emails .

MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business
It is free up to 1k subscribers , has nice pop up forms along with embed and subcription buttons .

My only complaint is the lack of variety in the embed template forms .. while you can change the color size and backgounds it really is very restricted in its options…. but hey … since it intregrates well with SumoMe you can use it on your site in a variety of ways .. not just the old boring subcribe to my newsletter type …

So check them out and may your list grow large enough that you can actually make some money!!


John N

Ecom Store Launcher

I love this store , you get paid before you place your order… so no out of pocket expenses and it makes selling with AliExpress easy as point and click.. you have to check this out!! At the end of the video I have embeded a link to the sales page  so if your pop […]

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Xtreme Builder

Just a quick update for those who love to create unique pages and are tired of the limitations / restrictions of wordpress: Jimmy Kim has a new product for creating pages : Xtreme Builder .. check it out!   Cheers John N  

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Clickbank still in the dark age

Now I am not a prolific marketer by any means but I have gone through the ropes and finally last year produced a product that brings in a modest dollar for two years now on Clickbank. In case your interested, its an evergreen product in a small nich but it is fairly consistent in sales […]

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Facebook Bans Like gating

Here’s What Marketers Can Do: Guess Im a little behind the times but recently turned to Facebook as I had a plr product I wanted to promote with a fan page and couldnt figure out why a product I had purchased to use like-gating didnt work .. the product used gating but I found out […]

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Windows 7 bug

Here is how to add or remove right click context items without regedit Works like a charm … Seven Forums  

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Affiliate discount requests

If your a vendor like me, you have to love the way clickbank handles everything from payment processing to refunds and lets you tap into the 100,000 plus affiliate Network Army. My first product took forever to put together .. as you know its got a lot of moving parts to it. From sales pages […]

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Easy Bootstrap Shortcode

I found a great new plugin called “Easy Bootstrap Shortcode” that made a difference in the site appearance that I liked but ran into and issue. Something in the plugins css was interfering with the default style.css. The link for the actual plugin Easy Bootstrap and bytw this theme is not a bootstrap theme so […]

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Harsh words for Google

Simple Traffic Solutions

Google Adwords and your business I think you all know how I feel  about Google and how they can close your accounts without giving you a clue as to why or how to fix it.. very frustrating ….  but it seems I have company. Just recently they closed an account of one of the major […]

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