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If your a vendor like me, you have to love the way clickbank handles everything from payment processing to refunds and lets you tap into the 100,000 plus affiliate Network Army.

My first product took forever to put together .. as you know its got a lot of moving parts to it. From sales pages , afffiliate pages and all the rest it takes time but when your done you would think thats all there was to it but

Have you ever had an affiliate with a large list approach you asking for a discounted price?

I didnt know what to do until I saw that two of the really big marketers had the same problem with one of their products.. they were appoached by marketer with a huge list doing a launch and he wanted a discount.

In short they had already resoloved the issue and were surprised at the increase in sales they got for simply having a discount price page for affiliates…  they also created a video series showing you how to use this software to gain maximum sales, how to approach potential affiliates and set your discount pages up.

So to pass it forward

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