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Now I am not a guru but…
(I secretly like to think that- and the kitten , Hemi, is now 11 years old and me …well suffice it to say Im really an old fossil)
I have been around the block at least twice and would love to hear from you.

Marketing is often a frustrating maze of junk ,scams and hidden obsticles with many casualties lost.

But on the bright side, there are legitimate programs out there that are worth your time and money. Some teach the real way to make money and others .. well ….

If you have bumped up against problem or a scam in your efforts at marketing, post it here:

I will try to find the answer… so Ask away.

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In all of your efforts to become an affiliate master –

1. dont fall in love with the product
2. Always always try to build a list!

Build and even bigger list!

Your right !…now imagine your entering a temple :  The truth at last!!!
As any real marketing master will tell you their blinding success resides in having a massive , huge , hungry  list

….and dont worry about the ones that unsubscribe… you didnt want them anyway…

remember if you have fun  and love this stuff well…. at the very least even if you dont make a huge pile of money , you will have that !

[People that are doing what they love are successful – (some riches are measured in dollars- others are not.)]

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