The List builder

The List Builder Stage


List Builder Believe it or not  out of the literally millions of affiliate marketers, few ever reach the stage for one reason or another.

Some drop out after spending a small fortune on course after course (sound familiar) and an equal amount on useless software.


But a Few  have reached this stage where they have at least one subscriber on their list. They then struggle to maintain the list ..usually  failing after the first month.

They have learned the basics in website construction, and can handle most challenges regarding the design and maintenance  of a site but usually are not practiced at split testing emails because of the low volume of subscribers.

This stage should be an ongoing effort no matter what stage your at. Create a newsletter and try to add content consistantely , ie : keep it current.

Its something (at least for me ) that isnt aways easy… life keeps happening and sometimes its difficult to keep all of  your activities up to date but if you gain a loyal following , not to worry.



– Need advanced traffic strategies
– Need higher-level skill training
– Need help leveraging time
– Need access to proven plans
– Need input from other listbuilders
– Need to keep costs down & maintain a stable financial situation



This stage is really one of the most important stage and unless you purchase a list is one stage that really never ends.

Regardless what you do online the goal is ultimately to have a list that responds to your offers and likes what you provide for them , whether it’s a recommendation, advice or your own products.

Bottom line is to continue to offer value and keep in mind that can take a while to establish your self as an authority .

One of the most popular list building hooks is ” How to build your list fast”  but after a while you will see that there is no magic bullet.

My recommendation is to join some of those how to lists and study what they recommend and how they treat you as a customer on their list. Just google it .

A tool that I use for all of these studies is Viral Inbox 

List building TIP :

Create Feedback by asking a question:
Even if you have a small list by asking the simple queston : “What area in your marketing efforts is presenting a challenge?” or “What are you struggling with ?”  will provide valuable information .

A word of warning though : if you dont respond in a reasonable amount of time it will back fire ; Some make this the first email message on their newsletter but I dont recommend this unless you have the time to reply every time you have a sign up . If you have multiple lists it can quickly spiral out of control , you need the information but not at the cost of your time.

I recommend an email blast from time to time to ask and then you can address all of the concerns at one time . If there is a common theme , create a posting addressing it and in the reply, point them to the page in your response thanking them and then ask for a reponse if it solved the issue . This process is time intensive but it should lead to a loyal following.


Next up: the Money Maker Stage


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