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The Site Owner Stage

This is a stage where the Marketer has already invested in many products; instant traffic, marketing courses, joined hundreds of safe lists and related products, learned  HTML, CSS,C panel, WordPress ,Dreamweaver, Xara and countless other “how to Market” all in one solutions,  before settling down to a proven method of list building and product creation.

My personal recommendation for getting through to this stage with out re mortgaging the house will be in a separate Resource Section (coming soon ) but for now lets look at this stage.

The Site Owner will have an attraction, capture and monetizaton system in place that allows them to drive traffic to a squeeze page so that their autoresponder can send out automated affiliate offers.

This is that stage were they can get stuck with perfectionism, continually trying to get the look and feel of the site Just Right. I know because I suffer from it and am continually tweaking and adding this or that.

Now the market has changed and today the millions of Ad sense cookie cutter sites no longer attract much attention . In fact most people avoid or ignore ad-sense ads and most marketers relying on revenue from creating hundreds of these sites find themselves shelling more out in hosting fees than they bring in.

The exception are those with  Authority sites that rank on page one of Google … they bring in substantial revenue but getting ranked is an art in and of itself. Some spend years and thousands of bucks trying to rank well…

Just getting to this stage can cause information overload learning and reading until two in the morning pursuing the dream  HTML, Dreamweaver , WordPress  Photoshop . Can you relate??

Learning how to create squeeze pages , finding products to sell, and worrying about SEO and pumping out articles doing article, marketing , posts for blogs and that is just for starters.

Most will have expenses from maintaining an autoresponder like Aweber, their Host, and spent on Premium WordPress Themes , Premium Plugins and invested time and money in Photoshop or purchased Cam Studio for video .. the list goes on and on.

I have Dreamweaver (difficult to produce a web site with and long learning curve) – looked for an easier way to create pages and found a good practice site for HTML   Practice Html  but still was many hours away from getting a real site up .

Tried Xsite Pro  (this has a learning curve but it has so many feature its hard to ignore and the price is reasonable )

WordPress is another way to go and there are thousands of themes to choose from but they are high maintenance. The core is continually being updated and the plugins that are available sometimes are abandoned and left with no support .  What that means to you is that if you use a WordPress theme, you will be spending a large portion of your time making sure that it hasnt been hacked and that it is up to date.



So after spending  a great deal of time and money  , they  give up  after  a few  years as they reach their information overload point or because they have maxed out ALL of their credit cards . They see  that while they have some income , its not consistent and not nearly enough to continue forward because to move forward will cost you either time or money.

Some revert to Stage One again looking for another model when only one exists despite the different appearances or cloaks that are presented as THE way to make money. Again it is

Create, market, sell.

Some get to this stage and find they still have no product of their own and so join the millions of others trying to drive traffic to affiliate offers by joining endless traffic exchanges, spend countless hours creating creative subject lines to snag a subscriber or two.

For those that have successfully completed this stage: they  have researched their niche and have a traffic sources that work to drive people to an opt in with something that they are hungry for and have a funnel that they continually add to using article marketing forums etc and so move to the next stage  ; not many are able to move to the final stage ..

Summary and Recommendations

– Need basic traffic strategies
– Need structured plan
– Need supportive community
– Need quick answers & help
– Need to build momentum
– Need to keep costs down & maintain a stable financial situation

Recommendations :

If you have reached this stage … and are still not making a consistent income;

  1. Reduce your expenses
  2. Quit looking for the Holy Grail
  3. Re evaluate

I found my self in this position this year and found that I had forgotten to renew one of my hosting companies that I used and didn’t have the resources to renew.

Looking back over the past year , I found that I didn’t  want a job that meant endless hours of creating emails and  campaigns. I was just replacing my day job with another job… and it did not pay as well or as consistently

The real challenge you face is to be able to outsource the jobs (such as creating email responders or creating sales pages) and still remain within a reasonable budget.

Hosting and auto responders will cost you about $300 a year but its the time that is hard to replace….see Hosting for a great way to start out for about $15 a year.. Solid Hosting (only one domain though but still a bargain )

Reduce your autoresponder costs : I  have  used this for about 2 years and the only trick is to learn how to create buttons in the forms .. I used  Xara and this free autoresponder  for about a year before upgrading



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