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Trying to cut Costs?

Cutting Costs: One of the costs that people spend money on is trying to create landing pages.. they invest in Optimize press then in paid plugins to create sales pages etc because creating in Dreamweaver is expensive -Komposer – hard to make the page look decent without spending a lot of time on it. I […]

Swiss SEO

Here’s a very interesting video that you should watch if you are interested in getting free traffic from Google:Secockpit   And this as well to look at it used by a subscriber The video explains some important basics about getting traffic from Google and it comes with a downloadable PDF guide (completely free) as well. […]

What to Do After Finishing a Blog Post?

You can create the best content the World has ever seen :), still it will mean nothing if no one reads it. It is absolutely necessary to constantly promote your blog and the posts that you write so more people would be able to read and share them forward…

Guide to riches

“60 Minutes To Getting Rich.” Robert Kiyosaki. A worthwhile discussion of how you think about money, and for those of you who think your house is an asset ,you may be surprised to learn whose asset it really is. How you think about your money is important…. One valuable idea that comes out of it […]

How to Make Your Blog Pinterest-Friendly

If your business hasn’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet, you’re missing out—and you’re not alone. While there are over 70 million Pinterest users, there are only about 500,000 Pinterest business accounts. It’s somewhat surprising that…

13 No-Cost Ways to Promote Your Leads Generation Product

Offering free downloadable products is a great way to grow your email list, but only if you know how to market them. Lynn Serafinn shares her top strategies. Leads generation (LG) is recognised part of the ‘marketing funnel’ in any school of digital…

Affordable Advertisements

What is the Best and Most Affordable Way to Advertise on the Internet? (via THE Tech Scoop) Businesses that have taken the bulk of their advertising portfolios to the World Wide Web have long since figured out that this is the best forum for promoting their wares. The primary reason is simply the expense: internet […]

My Favorite WordPress Plugins

I decided that it might be useful to some to see what plugins were used in this theme . Keep in mind that there is a very useful site called what wp theme is that ? Intuitive Custom Post Order–   One of my favorites that I use in one of my pinterest sites; With this […]

Hide your Affiliate Links

If your host allows unlimited hosting here is an easy way to cloak your link. Simply open up a notepad and enter the following : php header( ‘Location:’ ) ; ?> Save the file as –   index.php Now create a sub-directory or folder on your server called ‘ProductName ‘ and upload your index.php file […]