Container Homes are Hot

If I had it to do over again, my first starter home ( or for that matter the cabin on the lake) would have been a container home. In my family, spending or rather committing to a mortgage (that would have given my grandfather a heart attack) of $650 K isnt unheard of , in […]

Jobs are hard to find

Here in Alberta , jobs are very hard to find and when you finally land that interview , one of the most nerve racking experiences is that dreaded job interview… I ran across a great guide that I wanted to share… Save Save

Mailer Lite

For those of you who have been in internet marketing for a while and are seeing that the profits are sometimes slim and next to nothing – who continue to see the Aweber account draining 20 bucks a month while your subscriber list grows at a painfully slow rate…  I have been promoting YMLP as […]

Harsh words for Google

Google Adwords and your business I think you all know how I feel  about Google and how they can close your accounts without giving you a clue as to why or how to fix it.. very frustrating ….  but it seems I have company. Just recently they closed an account of one of the major […]

Magic box

Ran across a great little  plugin to help focus your lists. Its called magic box and I am testing it out here so dont enter your email here . just testing it out… Magic Box  and Magic Box Ultimate On review , I find that it is a useful plugin with many more options available […]

How to Make Your Blog Pinterest-Friendly

If your business hasn’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet, you’re missing out—and you’re not alone. While there are over 70 million Pinterest users, there are only about 500,000 Pinterest business accounts. It’s somewhat surprising that…

3 Things to Omit from Your LinkedIn Profile

When is the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile?  Many of us change, rearrange, and update our Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and other various personal profiles at least weekly, but let our LinkedIn profiles, where updated information…

Google Plus SEO: The Business Benefits

Google Plus offers business opportunities available nowhere else. The social network run by Google — the gateway to your business — is a game-changer. It ties together several Google products and delivers many rewards for brands. Vic Gundotra, the…

Video SEO: Getting Your Video Ranked on Page 1 of Google

By Matt Davidson in Featured So, you have finally figured out how big a boost video marketing can be to your overall Internet marketing efforts. Let’s face it; people would rather watch videos nowadays than read an article. And a lot of businesses…

A viral Pinterest experience

For most going viral on anything is like finding a sack of gold under a Christmas tree with your name on it.  For Beth its a reality when a couple of very  popular blogs re-pinned something that she posted earlier in December of 2010. Great tips for the aspiring Pinster… How to go Viral on Pinterest  […]