Clickbank still in the dark age

Now I am not a prolific marketer by any means but I have gone through the ropes and finally last year produced a product that brings in a modest dollar for two years now on Clickbank.

In case your interested, its an evergreen product in a small nich but it is fairly consistent in sales over the year as it is a good product.  I included an affiliate page for affiliates and a 60% commission so while the profits are small

they do add up over the year. Internet marketing like everything else in life takes time and so last year , I found myself out of a job and then my wifes illness took a turn for the worse .

With no time to devote , I ended up letting everything slide being too busy taking care of her to do anything except keep the household running .

This year after settling in to her home care routine, I looked back and saw that I indeed had a profit which prompted me to create another.

I had heard about the problems encountered by people when they tried to add more product to their vendor account , which costs about 50  smakers to open in that your only allowed one hoplink but that Clickbank was working to resolve  this issue .

So when adding another product , you are limited to only one landing page per vendor account but can have up to 500 products… not ideal.

I found out last week , that Clickbank has not resolved this issue and dispite 200,000,000 customers still has the limitation.

You can solve this with products like Easy Clickmate Pro  or install a serverside redirect but neither appealed to me as it involved time and money …. so I turned to JVZoo….

and found it was easy to do and they even offer a protected download.

This is the second product I created :

Jv zoo does charge 5% on each sale so on a $10 product  they charge 5o cents . One advantage is that you can sell as many products as you want as they use a buy button to link to paypal (you should have at least $100 in paypal for refunds initially but if you have a small product like mine and fewer sales that is not required  initially).

Overall I am happy with jv zoo and saved opening up yet another clickbank vendor account to get a seperate hoplink


John N

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