Container Homes are Hot

If I had it to do over again, my first starter home ( or for that matter the cabin on the lake) would have been a container home.

In my family, spending or rather committing to a mortgage (that would have given my grandfather a heart attack) of $650 K isnt unheard of , in fact its considered rather normal these days depending on where you live .

Quote 2016: The average price of a Canadian home increased by 12 per cent in the year up to December and is now worth $454,342, the Canadian Real Estate Association says.

If you think about it , over your lifetime of income earning that’s a disproportionate amount of mony to spend on somewhere to hang your hat. What if there was an alternative to the “normal” at a quarter of the cost.

And it doesn’t have to look like a box either… would you believe…


This house with normal construction would easily top the $900k asking price but that’s not how much it cost to build it.

Hard to believe its a container house but it is. The cost is a fraction because of a number of significant factors… the greatest on is the number of subcontractors needed and the time spent on the project is a fraction of the time spent on the traditional wood frame construction.

However there are some things your going to have to know.

  • Where to get them
  • What kind of permits are needed
  • how to correctly prepare your site for footings

Here is a guide I found from a professional builder with over 14 years of experience in container building…

Just Click on the image below and perhaps you will find your self in a new home for less than you thought….



John N


PS: Let me know how your project turned out !!!






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