Cutting costs

If you have been in internet marketing for any length of time you know the entry costs already.
Hosting : unlimited usually runs from $100 to $150 a year
Auto Responder: Aweber  $20 a month or $240 a year
and you have heard over and over that you need to build a list!

Wow.. I know from personal experience that thats a bare minimum .. add to that the cost of a professional WordPress theme , professional plugins , video software ( this list goes on and on) , and all of the training sites , instant profit junk etc, just trying to make a buck ends up costing you a small fortune .  Not to mention the time spent on learning wordpress, camtasia, c panel , etc…

First Good News

After years of building lists with Aweber , I encountered a rough patch . Our family had a series of car accidents that left us cash strapped and while I hated giving up Aweber , I needed a viable alternative . That led on a year long search for one that was workable.

Tried out Mail Chimp – found it confusing . Tried out Getresponse . ..still expensive . tried out Constant contact still too expensive , searched  all of the blogs and no where did they mention a free workable alternative except MailChimp.

Search as I might , I could not find anything. Then I found YMLP
A free autoresponder – max 1000 then from 3.75 for unlimited contacts  . Takes a litle while to learn customization ,but its fast and the price is right.  Have been using it for over year. Below is an Xara created optin using the free autoresponder .. not bad even if i do say so my self but that’s one of the features of xara .. you can import forms and create graphics around them … design freedom!

Not Aweber


One of the costs that people spend money on is trying to create landing pages.. they invest in Optimize press then in paid plugins to create sales pages etc because creating in Dreamweaver is expensive -Komposer – hard to make the page look decent without spending a lot of time on it.

I finally ended up with low cost Xara Web Designer to make sites and pages.. after trying all sorts of WordPress plugins that didn’t work that well (Optimize press the exception but again not that cheap)

While Xara does cost a little and there is a learning curve , for the most part you will find yourself creating great landing pages like this Discus Fish Guide  or

Free Discus fish email course ..with my free autoresponder .

Update 2017:  INSTa Builder

Someone finally made a decent plugin for wordpress… It creates landing pages sales pages squeeze pages and more…you have to check it out… example of a campaign I ran.. Ultimate Guide to Job Interviews

Love it and it integrates with Aweber and any other email responder that you are currently with..







Saving on Hosting Costs

I was with Blue host for about a year and half until I finally got tired of the throttling which made even updating a post an all day event and switched back to D9 .. what a difference never leave them again, mainly because of two things that Blue Host could take a lesson from . speed and support.

D9 has the best support out there and John Thornhill swears by them as do I .

However realizing that the hosting costs were a factor for a lot of beginners , I experimented with Solid Hosting which is $15 a year ….. only allowed one domain on the server for that but it is a great way to get your feet wet and learn without the cost of  the more expensive hosts AND they have great support as well. I used it for over a year and was suprised at how fast it was.

Cheers John N








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