Facebook Bans Like gating

Here’s What Marketers Can Do:

Guess Im a little behind the times but recently turned to Facebook as I had a plr product I wanted to promote with a fan page and couldnt figure out why a product I had purchased to use like-gating didnt work .. the product used gating but I found out that Facebook banned it in August 7, 2014 .

Now to be fair to my self , I have had a lot going on in the past year or so.. starting in June , I lost my day job and due to the oil crisis in Alberta, couldnt find another. Then, in December my wife went in for her Achalasia ,which took a turn for the worse and now requires me to be home full time to take care of her . ( Donations would be helpful so if you feel inclined do buy us a coffee…. and while I feel that isnt something I usually ask for but as I have learned , you dont recieve unless you first ask!)

Life has it priorities , and my internet business as such went unattended for about a year so and now that we have the home care down to a bit of a routine , I turned to it again in my scarce spare time, only to find that its a little like building sand castles.

Sometimes the tide comes in an washes most of our business products away …  everything changes on the internet , which is why I am starting a new product platform for membership sites that allows you to put the valuable evergreen  information that you have learned into a membership site without all of the fees that are generally charged today (Kajabi jumps to mind)  so book mark my site and ck in once in a while to see the progress!!

Now that I know better, this post from Short Stack is what you should read if your traveling down a similiar path.

Actually  was looking for a good email service such as Short Stack and the option they offer is something called action gating instead of the like gating that has been the rage . They have an ebook titled Why Every Business Should Stop Obsessing Over Facebook Likes  on the blog that you should read (free pdf download- no email required).

The bottom line: Likes don’t matter as much as we all thought.

This statement might be a bit controversial, but we stand by it. In this eBook, we’ll
explain why and teach you how you can collect and use other Facebook data that is
actually valuable.

Wow , guess I should be paying more attention and actually the ebook points out why like gating can have the opposite effect. Action gating ( give something for an email or entry to a contest) has more positive effects which you can read about in the ebook… Short Stack ( the email service is outstanding as well as free up to 5000 views.)

Check it out….


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