Free Graphics Creator

Free Graphics Creator

I picked up this script along the way and its free to use.

It has a lot of uses and here is one of the buy graphics made with it,

Special offer

So have some fun with it on me….  a bookmark and a tweet is the only  price I ask! Here is the access:

 Graphics Creator Access

Its no great secret why almost all of us fail.. shiny button syndrome and time .
Affiliate marketing is hard .. and the main reason is that these days people don’t buy right away and the cookie expires or they just Google and work their way around the link..thinking its cheaper. For example out of 278 hits on Logo Creator ( one of the best tools I have seen in quite some time for cost verses value)  only 51 registered in Jv Zoo and none purchased though my link.

So whats an affiliate marketer to do……?????

You have to have products of your own, and creating products takes time.

but I digress..

Its all about your list .. and if your still looking for a half decent free autoresponder , look no further,
I made this with Xara and my free auto responder .

So now you have two ways to go but I always
recommend Xara  and Logo Creator for getting the graphics you want to create.

Cartoonys Pack 1--left

Not Aweber

Cheers and check back from time to time .. I am going to delve into the world of Memberships soon

John N



If your into making videos from Power Point then
this has to be

the number one choice…..

Download Unlimited PowerPoint templates



Add Ebook Covers and your all set !!



Wow... and speaking of sales pages ……don’t forget the other
Power packed Ultimate sales page builder:

Drag and Drop Squeeze Page Plugin For WordPress

a little more expensive but you can promote it on your pages as well!!


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Top recommended products:

If you need some quality graphics for your projects, you're definitely in the right place because what I have for you here is hands down the best "bang for your buck" graphics package you can find online 🙂 Hi. My name is Max and I've been a graphic designer online for over 7 years. As any quality designer, I've compiled and created my own set of "shortcuts" and "hacks" over the years, to make my design job easier. And in the past few years, I started turning my own personal "shortcuts" into do-it-yourself tools that others can use to...

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