Harsh words for Google

Google Adwords and your business

I think you all know how I feel  about Google and how they can close your accounts without giving you a clue as to why or how to fix it.. very frustrating ….  but it seems I have company.

Just recently they closed an account of one of the major players in the Internet Marketing arena.

John Thornhill

and he didnt take it lying down. Naturally he turned to Facebook and took course after course learning how to use it .. its not that easy folks. Then the second slap .. Facebook  suspended his account

ask john

He then went into SEO and we all know that route … trying to adapt to the everchanging landscape of Google Search algorithms, Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Mobilegeddon and a whole host of other updates .. never ending and just waiting to kill your business.

“your website can disappear from page one to page none at the flick of Googles switch, leaving your business dead in the water!”

So John set out to perfect his traffic techniques  and decided enough was enough…( he gets requests everyday from people asking how to get traffic ) He now recommends that people should NOT depend on paid traffic of any kind, that the best traffic is free …

Today all of my website traffic is generated from my own efforts, efforts that I have perfected over the years that have created up to 16,364 targeted visitors per day and returned revenue in excess of $200,000 per month! Anyone can copy my traffic methods to build endless traffic streams to their business.

You might be skeptical and that’s perfectly normal. Apply the methods and then judge for yourself

boxSimple Traffic Solutions

Who can argue with success ? Im onboard!


John N

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