Is Niche Marketing Dead?

Of late a lot of Niche Profit Classroompeople were repeatedly being told that niche marketing was dead.

And when Amazon and Kindle came along, people became even less optimistic about selling a niche eBook.

But … I know a lot of you are out there still  trying like crazy to dig into that jackpot of a wildly profitable niches and I must admit that I am part of that crowd.

I have developed a skill set with creating in Xara and got pretty good at creating landing pages for a few popular niches like Pinterest 5 Day Crash Course training done with Komposer  and an upsell page with Zaxaa for a payment prosssor (done with Xara) with the companion site of Pinterest Profits done in WordPress to drive traffic.

But I never seemed to make more than I was spending on Hosting and Aweber. Finally ran across an autoresponder that I could use for free and cut my montly costs by $20.00 (not Mail Chimp or Get Response ) . Made this with it … not bad eh?? Didnt link it like the pinterest to an upsell or anything but could easily do that if I wanted to .. so you can see the versatility of using Xara and the autoresponder..

Not Aweber

I was with Blue host for about a year and half until I finally got tired of the throttling which made even updating a post an all day event and switched back to D9  .. what a difference never leave them again, mainly because of two things that Blue Host could take a lesson from . speed and support. D9 has the best support out there and John Thornhill swears by them as do I .

However realizing  that the hosting costs were a factor  for a lot of beginners , I experimented with Solid Hosting which is $15 a year . Pinterest Profits  is hosted on that server as well is D9 above  and you can see a little lag but considering the costs good bang for the buck.. only allowed one domain on the server for that but you can load it up with a fair amount ….ScreenPlay Writing is on Solid and comes from the Optimize Lite that Chris Farrell offers as part of his outstanding membership course.

The only critic if you will is that a lot of his done for you requires Aweber.. but for those who already have it full steam ahead . I used Xara to create a similar full page optin because I didnt have Aweber and will not have Aweber until the bottom line for me improves!!!!

Have a look at Learn How to Fly

Done with Xara and the free auto responder so it can be done .. just  takes a little longer to get there.. …

The reason I try to save money : two fold .. dont have a lot and it makes sense. Now I did join Cris and I loved the training but wanted more and to get some of the featured modules you have to continue to pay the membership fee.. But.. then I ran into this email….

Back in 2005, niche marketing became the hottest thing in the IM world.
All you had to do, was throw up a simple little niche website, then enjoy traffic from Google, and sell visitors an eBook.
It was so exciting…
…that everyone jumped on board.

Then things got tricky.
It became harder to compete.
The dream of whipping up a little digital eBook — and passively selling it for $27 all day long — was over.

Or so it seemed.

Over the next few years, people were repeatedly told that niche marketing was dead… and nobody wants to buy niche eBooks anymore.
When Amazon and Kindle came along, people became even less optimistic about selling a niche eBook for $27, over and over each day.

So, the herd switched off.

And they all scrambled to CPA bloodbaths, offline humiliation, AdSense slavery or Social Media tail-chasing… But meanwhile, way off the radar, one guy was creating weird little niche websites that sold simple little eBooks. And quietly banking six figures from it, too.

And get this…
… it’s still working today.

In fact, he has over 300 niche websites that make money for him every month.
And he’s not alone.

Over 32,000 people have used his original formula to do the same. Today, his simple formula has turned into a complete system backed up with tools and a private community, bursting with over 3000 members…
And now, he’s inviting YOU to join them, and start bringing home the bacon with niche marketing done right.

Your invitation is waiting right here >>>NPC

P.S – I’m not kidding when I say this guy is impressive.

But what’s really cool, is that you don’t even need to understand HOW or WHY his niche formula works…

… you just need to take his ready-made websites, products, step by step instructions… and go make like a bandit along with the thousands of others in his private club.

But obviously, due to the nature of this thing, it can’t stay open to everyone, forever.

Go now if you want in >>> NPC

Now that got me… I took a look at one of his niche sites Betta Care , saw how it was constructed – how it was integrated from top to bottom and knew that I wanted to create that for my self .. so I joined.

Wow is all I can say for Adams membership site.. the average stay on a membership site is 3 months but he has members that stay for YEARS

and with good reason…. always up to date and the training is extensive to say the least.. but to the point and doable.

If you thinking to your self …that after all the work I have done so far  .. and nothing or little to show for it  , before you exit stage right-

find out what makes them stay!!!



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