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If your struggling with creating a Landing page look no further for a solution .

Landing pages in wordpress can be trial and error .. trying out this and that plug in and frankly out of all the ones that I have tried only a few really panned out . The best theme that I found was Genesus and landing pages with that were not bad but I have found that with the changes in Google .. having a landing page .. well… not as important as it was .. content is much more important .

Having said that for niche marketing the opposite is true.. you have to have a compelling landing site but those usually consist of three pages and then have traffic driven to them … not content driven.

I ran a across Cris Farrelll and joined his membership site… he has done for you landing pages that are quite good . I didnt think that I could learn much from him but I was wrong..

You can join for a full 7 days to see if it offers any clear direction for you .. it has helped me to clarify of all things my facebook fan page

Neilsons Small Business Web Design

Optimize press: one of the best but kinda pricy but gets the job done.

I think a better solution is to hop on over to Xara and purchase
Web Design software by Xara

This is a simple free report squeeze that I put up in minutes… Free Report ( its about the autoresponder that I use now instead of Aweber) and the
custom (not wordpress) confirmation page… ck it out! thisisaworkingsampleAs you can see its not limited in any way .. and landing pages , squeeze pages etc… simple and you can get your creative juices going .. you wont belive the creative freedom it gives.. and you can create complete websites too.. with the ftp option you can update as fast as wordpress but without all the headaches that good ol WP brings.. you know.. worrying about whether or not the next update will crash your site… and on and on….

Profitable Pinterest  ,   Learn How to Fly  were built with Xara put on Solid Host and I will use that one domain to add all of my squeeze pages/landing pages to keep my main domain clear and more manageable.

Use it with LogoCreator to spiff up your banners etc and combined with a $15/year host can afford to build that authority website at a fraction of the cost .. now I use D9 for my main site and it cant be beat…the best support I have seen anywhere and beats Blue Hosts throttling any day ..(trying to update WordPress with them has only one description… painfully slow)

So what I recommend for beginners is to start with Solid Hosting (only one domain for the $15 but hey use it in the beginning to get your feet wet with ftp etc)

With Xara , either build a website or start creating your product squeeze pages with LogoCrator ( I use techsmiths Snagit in conjuction with it to create all kinds of things) … so there you go .. good luck and may you profit!!


John Neilson

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