Container Homes are Hot

If I had it to do over again, my first starter home ( or for that matter the cabin on the lake) would have been a container home. In my family, spending or rather committing to a mortgage (that would have given my grandfather a heart attack) of $650 K isnt unheard of , in […]

Email Marketing Service

Let’s face it: if you run a business, you need email marketing. Take a look at this service .. I think you will be happy with it as it will help you grow your business. They have all of the tools to help you grow and have a free 2k plan for starting out … […]

Jobs are hard to find

Here in Alberta , jobs are very hard to find and when you finally land that interview , one of the most nerve racking experiences is that dreaded job interview… I ran across a great guide that I wanted to share… Save Save

Free Instagram course

Head on over to Digital Lion and take the free course on Instagram! Save Save

You need to see this

now get on over to the the Landing page post .. to begin….  

My Udemy Site

Really excited about my new site : The Digital Lion Its a site that allows independant instructors to post their courses and charge what ever they like for it as well. I am going to allow the first 15 courses ( on any topic ) to post for free. For information contact     […]

Autoresponders update

Update: I recommended a free autoresponder , well it was free but no more… that auto responder was MYLP Update September 24th 2016: seems they have had a change of heart.  And that is good news for anyone looking to start out but really cant afford the$20 a month for Aweber ….its still Free There […]

Track Affiliate links

I am checking out a new tool and it looks fantastic! Success and money are just a consequence if you use the right techniques and tools. All best affiliate gurus spend a big fortune creating, designing and improving their online marketing system to get an unfair advantage over everyone else. You have to check it […]

Mailer Lite

For those of you who have been in internet marketing for a while and are seeing that the profits are sometimes slim and next to nothing – who continue to see the Aweber account draining 20 bucks a month while your subscriber list grows at a painfully slow rate…  I have been promoting YMLP as […]

Ecom Store Launcher

I love this store , you get paid before you place your order… so no out of pocket expenses and it makes selling with AliExpress easy as point and click.. you have to check this out!! At the end of the video I have embeded a link to the sales page  so if your pop […]