When it comes to Internet Marketing ,  your going to need some inspiration and some encouragement .

And every once in a while you need to know from  some source or another that your goal of providing for  yourself and your family by pursuing Internet Marketing is not just an expensive hobby, draining  your hard earned dollars.

I want to give you two bits of information that hopefully will do just that.

I recently was contacted ( through my website design landing page  [ Neilsons Small Business Web Design] )by someone that had a blog and needed some advice in changing it.

Friends are Fashion


The blog is a source of moderate income for her and she is proof positive that  you can be successful. By that I mean that it is possible for you to generate an income with a blog or webpage if …

  1. You have a niche that your passionate about
  2. You have the time to devote to it
  3. Your chosen niche is something that others are passionate about .

Now she did it with a free blog and a little perseverance so she is an example of what can be accomplished.

The other is a book that I ran across and is in the top 100 of Amazon .

John N


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