My Favorite WordPress Plugins

I decided that it might be useful to some to see what plugins were used in this theme . Keep in mind that there is a very useful site called

what wp theme is that ?

  1. Intuitive Custom Post Order–   One of my favorites that I use in one of my pinterest sites;
    With this plugin you can drag and drop the order to keep a featured favorite post at the top.
  2. Back Up Buddy   … One of the greatest backup plugins ever made in my opinion .. made the move of this site to a new url easy.
  3. CMS tree page View  Great for organization …
  4. TinyMCE Advanced – a must have for fonts and control of the wswg in most themes
  5. Shareaholic – one of the easiest ways to put great social sharing buttons on your site.
  6. Link Supercharger – the easy way to cloak  your links
  7. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin   great plugin to offer related posts
  8. Media File Renamer  one of the best
  9. Get page IDs  very useful in some situations
  10. All in one Favicon  
  11. B09 Link to Existing Content
  12. Image Pro  image re-sizer
  13. Wp Fast Cache
  14. Dave’s WordPress Live Search      great for finding content on a larger site..

For Security

Better WP Security:


Limit login attempts :

Botnet Attack Blocker

More to come later… Cheers    John N


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