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Niche Profit ClassroomIs niche marketing a waste of your time?

Of late a lot of people are repeatedly being told that niche marketing is dead for a number of reasons.

And when Amazon and Kindle came along, people became even less optimistic about finding ,creating a niche site and selling a niche eBook.

But … I know a lot of you are out there still trying like crazy to dig into that “mythical” jackpot of a wildly profitable niches and I must admit that I am part of that crowd. And if you read on I will tell you why its not DEAD!

Do you think that this site is making any money?  Betta Care

Has been for quite a few years…

I began to search for someone that had real success with niche marketing and after being in Chris Farrell membership site for 2 months was still looking for a true methodology besides creating three page websites…

Then as I was updating AmaSuite.. I ran into this email….for Niche Profit Classroom ( now  closed to new members but has a new and improved Classroom called Full control)

Back in 2005, niche marketing became the hottest thing in the IM world.

All you had to do, was throw up a simple little niche website, then enjoy traffic from Google, and sell visitors an eBook.

It was so exciting…


…that everyone jumped on board.

Then things got tricky.

It became harder to compete.

The dream of whipping up a little digital eBook — and passively selling it for $27 all day long — was over.

Or so it seemed.

Over the next few years, people were repeatedly told that niche marketing was dead… and nobody wants to buy niche eBooks anymore.

When Amazon and Kindle came along, people became even less optimistic about selling a niche eBook for $27, over and over each day.

So, the herd switched off.

And they all scrambled to CPA bloodbaths, offline humiliation, AdSense slavery or Social Media tail-chasing… But meanwhile, way off the radar, one guy was creating weird little niche websites that sold simple little eBooks. And quietly banking six figures from it, too.

And get this…

… it’s still working today.

In fact, he has over 300 niche websites that make money for him every month.

And he’s not alone.

Over 32,000 people have used his original formula to do the same. Today, his simple formula has turned into a complete system backed up with tools and a private community, bursting with over 3000 members…

And now, he’s inviting YOU to join them, and start bringing home the bacon with niche marketing done right.

Your invitation is waiting right here >>> this link is for the new Full Control

P.S – I’m not kidding when I say this guy is impressive.

But what’s really cool, is that you don’t even need to understand HOW or WHY his niche formula works…

… you just need to take his ready-made websites, products, step by step instructions… and go make like a bandit along with the thousands of others in his private club.

But obviously, due to the nature of this thing, it can’t stay open to everyone, forever.

Go now if you want in >>> Full Contral NPC

Now that got me… I took a look at one of his niche sites Betta Care , saw how it was constructed – how it was integrated from top to bottom and knew that I wanted to create that for my self .. so I joined.

Wow is all I can say for Adams membership site.. the average stay on a membership site is 3 months but he has members that stay for YEARS

and with good reason…. always up to date and the training is extensive to say the least.. but to the point and doable.

If you thinking to your self …that after all the work I have done so far .. and nothing or little to show for it , before you exit stage right-

find out what makes them stay!!!

Update :2016-06-13

Since Adam has decided to go a different route the NPC is no longer open to new members and the existing life time members had the unpleasant experience of having some of the services removed … like hosting and the Niche Paks ….initally lead to a lot of grumbling members.. but I have some good news if your a lifetime member of the Classroom ..

They havent left us .. in fact there is an upgrade slated for later on this  year that will see a return of some new niches to explore and additional training… Good News!

The bottom line is that if you find a niche that not over saturated , you can develop a nice little business over time.. (Mr Short claims that you will be making money in no time flat) but I say it takes time and work no matter what system you use.

Here is the link to his new product  Nich Profit Full Control

I am still making money from my orignal site even though I have some competition now .. and you can do the same in other niches if your not afraid of investing a little time and money.


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