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: Pinterest!


Get more Traffic to your site with Pinterest

Get this fantastic 5 day free email course . I think you will be surprised at the amount of traffic this social media can generate for your business… don’t over look it.. and I have a fantastic one time video offer for those who love to learn visually!!!

5 day Pinterest Crash Course

Inside This Easy To Follow
5 Day Crash
Course You Will Be Introduced To The Power Of Pinterest & What It Can Do For Your Business!

Free Course The best part is…
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Pinterest Marketing Made Easy

Pinterest Power

“The Profitable Pinterest Promotions Course was designed with beginners in mind & will quickly introduce you to the power of Pinterest Promotions!”

This is a Fantastic mini course and I promise not to flood your inbox with a never ending series of offers like some (no names but you know by your inbox )

Some of you are struggling with the costs I know but this was all done with a free autoresponder,
a payment processor (not jv zoo)and Xara web designer… (not free but really a marketers best friend for graphics )
so to be totally transparent take a preview look at the upsell for the free course is a 10 module video course.. that is .. well… fantastic… HERE

but I would advise taking the free as well as the video course

5 day Pinterest Crash Course Pinterest Course Signup

Mechanic Section : How to Put this together with out spending a fortune.

A lot of aspiring marketers start out with blogs and graduate to a hosted web site but still struggle getting beyond just having a site littered with affiliate banners and links.

Inside the Center , I reference a ton of resources you can use but when it comes to creating a squeeze page with a payment processor most are lost…

Creating the landing page, with the autoresponder along with all of the graphics is daunting but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune .

If your just interested in how this was all put together I am thinking of creating a short tutorial (free) of the ins , ups downs and hair pulling that it takes to get all of this together on a shoe string budget.. and I do mean shoe string!! so give me a day or two to get the free autoresponder going to gauge interest …. and you will see it here.. meanwhile

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