Needed : Fast inexpensive hosting….


After being with Blue Host for a number of years (and D9- my fav) I started looking around for

inexpensive fast  hosting to experiment with and found a fantastic gold nugget .. you need to ck it out!!!

Solid Hosting

and it doesnt hurt to have a few up if the hosting costs are right.. now they recommend d9 and so do I but it usually costs about a 90 bucks year .. so starting out you can get your sea legs for for about 15 bucks a year ,

I get a Cpanel, Ftp and 1 gig if disk space 10gig bandwidth and 10 email accounts

not bad for $15 annually…

Host out of the Philippines .. and why not.. I have had no issues… and the server is fast. The only drawback is they only allow one domain, but the search engines will find your content anywhere… .


This is perfect for those of you starting out.

 Solid Hosting


John Neilson



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Get this fantastic 5 day free email course . I think you will be surprised at the amount of traffic this social media can generate for your business… don’t over look it.. and I have a fantastic one time video offer for those who love to learn visually!!!

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Mechanic Section : How to Put this together with out spending a fortune.

A lot of aspiring marketers start out with blogs and graduate to a hosted web site but still struggle getting beyond just having a site littered with affiliate banners and links.

Inside the Center , I reference a ton of resources you can use but when it comes to creating a squeeze page with a payment processor most are lost…

Creating the landing page, with the autoresponder along with all of the graphics is daunting but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune .Example Here

If your just interested in how this was all put together I am thinking of creating a short tutorial (free) of the ins , ups downs and hair pulling that it takes to get all of this together on a shoe string budget.. and I do mean shoe string!! so give me a day or two to get the free autoresponder going to gauge interest …. and you will see it here.. meanwhile

2014-04-07 21:22:47 there the form is done and now to add the welcome emails


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Cheers John Neilson

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