Harsh words for Google

Google Adwords and your business I think you all know how I feel  about Google and how they can close your accounts without giving you a clue as to why or how to fix it.. very frustrating ….  but it seems I have company. Just recently they closed an account of one of the major […]

Is Niche Marketing Dead?

Of late a lot of people were repeatedly being told that niche marketing was dead. And when Amazon and Kindle came along, people became even less optimistic about selling a niche eBook. But … I know a lot of you are out there still  trying like crazy to dig into that jackpot of a wildly […]

Landing pages n optin email forms

If your struggling with creating a Landing page look no further for a solution . Landing pages in wordpress can be trial and error .. trying out this and that plug in and frankly out of all the ones that I have tried only a few really panned out . The best theme that I […]

Creating Perfect Posts

Create “Perfect” Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ [Infographic] (via Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog) Get more social media fans and create engagement! Follow these 17 guidelines when you post on social networks. Is there any such thing as a perfect social media post? Each social network has a specific set of expectations, […]

Pinterest Cheat Sheet

Pinterest Images Cheat Sheet Infographic-Updated (via http://www.socialmediamamma.com) Pinterest for business is developing into a super powerful Social Media Marketing strategy. This images cheat sheet will help when you are creating your Pinterest Profile and infographics to add to your Pinterest account. The best Social Media advertising…

Getting Subscribers

Tweet If You Can’t Get Subscribers Read This! If like many people you are struggling to build your list, then grab this new set of tools  New Tools Cheers John [azon_profit_poster Traffic]