Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists : Landing pages and email optin forms

Traffic exchanges and Safe Lists are used by marketers big and small to get their products noticed by people.

Most of the people who join these lists are marketers, so what better crowd to  advertize to ….
They have an interest in the products that are advertized there and after you have been in the business for a while , you may have your own product developed out of your unique experience.


Galdalf Traffic Magic

Magic Traffic

There is  real magic in Twitter … believe or not .. Start with   Tweet Adder ,  for power tweets and Quick Tab for saving time when surfing.

Your going to be surprised at the  power of this software! It gets results!

How to use landing pages on safelists and traffic exchanges 

One of the problems for a lot of people using safelists and traffic exchanges is providing usable and attactive links to that landing page .

For that I usually recommend SuperCharger  as being the all round best .. its easy to use and handy to reference (keep all of your best affiliate links handy) – notice how the link to the product is masked .

The ONLY affiliate link exception I have found is with …..Xara…. redirects do not work.. they use an unusual (to say the least ) affiliate program  almost as unusual as the product itself! One out of 600 not bad ..

Web Design software by Xara

Dont like it much as it takes you away from the page that your on.. so right click on this one and open in a new tab…

It is the only affiliate link that I cannot use any redirects for at all… and Im more than a little curious but to carry on.

THE bottom line is to keep testing your links to make sure they are working.. and did I mention SuperCarger  keeps stats as well?

The other problem is the banners that are provided by most products . You notice tons of the same banners in the safe lists for the same product .. now how are you going to stand out ?

Make your own .. without PhotoShop and be limited only by your own creativity… now this is not the run of the mill banner creator ..

check it out … Logo Creator

As for landing pages.. I created this one for a crash course in Pinterest in Komopser.( a free html editor with a low learning curve and a ton of how to videos) with a video upsell for Pinterst..  squeeze page with Web Design software by Xara

Made this landing page in minutes with my Xara.. a $15 /year host and a free autoresponder .


Of course to avoid Awebers 20 a month I used a free autoresponder  which works great.. (see the pop up if your interested).. bait, I know but hey that’s what its all about and your going to love saving $20 a month.. guaronteee …..

Now you can use Pitch Magic for clickbank products but I would recommend Xara for those of you with the creative desire and the price is right

Now some general rules to follow

A word of  warning : to  prepare open an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the affiliate ids and logins and be prepared to be lost in a maze for an extended period of time. Don’t spend too much time at first surfing… just join the top 10 or 20.

Always join with a G mail account specifically for that  purpose because it will fill up fast and g mail is easy to filter and delete.

Join other programs that you see with another email called Viral Inbox… free to use and makes it simple to sign up for stuff without cluttering up  your main emails.

Important things to do:

When joining (and there will be many tempting exchanges/safe lists to join.. believe me) if  your starting out , please do me the kindness of joining though my link here.. that will benefit me and when your at this stage  you can do the same.

Grab the login link, save it in your Master Safe List excel spreadsheet along with the affiliate referral links and ID links. You will need them when joining other lists that I have not listed here.

When  you have about  ten, start surfing .

To save time (and it is time intensive) use FireFox and this time saver  Quick Tab !

Keep focused , initially on just surfing and noticing which ads catch your  eye and make mental or book marks to question what attracted you to it so that you can  eventually tailor you own ads .

Affiliate Funnel : Join exchanges and advertize them with a page like this to promote anything  you example   Funnel

Easy Hits 4 U

Viral List Profits

I Love Hits

Got Advertising

Viral Url

State of the Art Mailer

Dragon Surf

Real Hits 4 U


Viral mail profits

Viral Url

TE Command Post

Vital Viral comes with a free ebook on Traffic Exchanges


Look at TE and VitalViral together in one. Te Command linked and tracked by VitalViral

and Vital Viral has the ability to brand and promote secondary programs.

Fast Easy Traffic


Hit Safari

Hit 2 Hit

Blue Surf





That’s just a short list ……. of whats out there so can you  see the value of Quick TAB

Remember to devote some time to this but don’t let it eat up all of your  time  ….

Cheers John N

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